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Мы - всемирный лидер в перевозке и логистике со специализацией в отправке автомобилей, катеров, самолётов, и тракторов. Мы перевзли свыше тридцати тысяч контейнеров по морю, суше, и воздуху. У нас более тысячи регулярных клиентов которые доверяют нам свои самые важные и сложные проекты по перевозке груза.


Отправляйте с нами!


Our team of experts will handle the transportation of your item with great care. We will clearly explain the logistics to you, and advise you of all necessary paperwork upfront. Our established leadership in the business, years of experience, and partners worldwide allows us to ship faster and better than our competitors, ensuring that your shipment arrives on time.


Why avoid 'the other guys'


While A&A prides themselves on quality of execution, there are many other not so trustworthy shipping providers. These shippers often lure in their customers with lower pricing and promises of faster delivery. Avoid these 'deals' - there are many real people that fell victim to unscrupulous shippers. These victims call us for advice on how to retrieve their goods after the shippers close their doors and refuse to take calls. While we help many, sometimes it is too late. Do the right thing from the start and use A&A.

A&A International Shipping is the only provider with the proven track record and timely delivery reputation. Whether you are shipping for yourselves or your customers, choosing A&A will provide you with the piece of mind and assurance of quality on-time delivery.

Rare Lambo

From Kia's to Lamborghini's, we ship it all!

Limo Shipping

Our track record of quality shipping earns us business from luxury limousine exporters. This 150K Benz limo is headed to Moscow!

Oversize Cargo

This John Deere was shipped via ocean cargo to the Netherlands


Shipped from our New Jersey warehouse, this airplane was delivered to Eastern Europe.

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